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Lessoning the burden of lesson planning

Online collaborative lesson planning and realtime learner analytics

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Reduce teacher workload, make collaborative lesson planning possible and deliver engaging online and offline lessons that your pupils will enjoy

No need for training

Lumici Slate is easy to use and you will quickly start seeing the benefits

Real time analytics

Ensure pupil progress and attainment is at the heart of teaching

Sharing expertise

Support collaborative planning and make sharing schemes of work possible

Lesson Planning

Lumici Slate comes with everything you need to deliver engaging lessons. We provide high-quality resources, lesson templates and make collaboration and sharing easy.

Lesson Analytics

Lumici Slate gives you real time analytics about which pupils have started the lesson and their progress through it. You can consolidate learning through quizzes to adapt future lessons.

Learning Journey

Lumici Slate is flexible to the way you teach. Your learners travel along a learning journey and you can see how they are progressing at each phase and where there may be issues.


Lumici Slate is designed to be quick to use for everyone. The dashboard gives you clear and easy access to the lessons you teach and are planning, either individually or with others.

Lesson Templates

Lumici Slate’s lesson templates make lesson planning even easier. Simply choose a template that fits your needs, either from our bank of templates or from one that’s been shared with you, and you’re ready to teach.

Accessible on any device

Lumici Slate can be used online and on any device. Teachers can plan wherever they are based and there are no delays or breaks in learning.

Enabling teachers, across a multi-academy trust, to collaborate and build lessons together, significantly reduces the time taken to develop new schemes of work.

Ben Dunne,
Penketh High School

Unlike a VLE, Lumici Slate can be instantly adopted by staff as it’s so easy to use and needs no training. Incredibly useful for part-time staff in different locations.

Peter Kilkoyne,
ILT Manager
Worcestershire College

The feedback from colleagues and the wider Peter Jones Enterprise Academy is very positive and encouraging.

Martin Cope,
Head of Business and Enterprise
Chesterfield College

Lessoning the burden of lesson planning